"Don't believe everything you read in the papers."
―In-game description

The Outsider is an outfit in L.A. Noire.


The Outsider outfit seems to be the Hawkshaw outfit with a gray jacket and a different color fedora.


  • The outfit is unlocked when the player reaches rank 13.


  • The outfit is worn automatically at the start of the Arson cases.
  • The outfit (in early trailers) was shown to have a black tie with white stripes.
  • The Outsider defines as a person who does not belong to a particular profession or organization hence the suit's name
  • The suit's description appears to allude to Cole's affair with Elsa Lichtmann, and that the public should not believe everything that they've read about it.
  • The Outsider outfit shares its fedora with the Golden Boy and Sunset Strip outfits.