"Now remember, you call the cops and I will hunt you down."
―Armed Robber

"Theater Robbery" is a Traffic street crime case in L.A. Noire.


The case involves an unnamed man who is trying to rob the United Artists Theatre at night. However, Cole Phelps and Stefan Bekowsky arrive on the scene and the man gets into a vehicle and flees. Note: you must have the sirens on otherwise he will not appear and Bekowsky will comment on you to put the siren on, and repass the street.

Dispatch Call Script

Dispatch: All units, a 211 in progress, 933 South Broadway. Any central unit able to handle, identify.

Cole Phelps: Car 11 King responding, go ahead.

Dispatch: Car 11 King, a 211 in progress at the United Artists Theatre, 933 South Broadway. 11K, Code Three.


The felon will get to his car (inevitable) and will start a chase. Phelps must crash his car into the criminal's in an attempt to stop him. the criminal will go left to Main Street and then another left into a parking lot. Then he will advance through some alleyways.

He eventually crashes in a parking lot by Sixth and Broadway and climbs up a pipe to a rooftop. (Note: he will try to ambush you when you get up, thus waiting for you, yet if you waste too much time he will escape). When you get to the rooftop you can either shoot him while he is running or wait until you have jumped a couple of roofs and the felon will get to cover and engage you in a shootout.

Video Walkthrough

Theater Robbery - Street Crime - L.A

Theater Robbery - Street Crime - L.A. Noire


  • There is sometimes a glitch in this mission where instead of crashing in the parking lot, the suspect's car pulls over on Broadway. If this happens, then you will have to drag him out of the car to arrest him. This is fixed in the remastered/enhanced version.