"I prefer braid. You tie a hitch in a braid, it stays tied."
Eli Rooney

Triple Braid Rope is a recurring piece of evidence featured in L.A. Noire. It appears in the Homicide cases as a recurring murder weapon.


"I would use a triple braid. Less flex, easier to control. "
Hugo Moller

Braided rope is made from natural or synthetic fibers designed for compressive strength. Common uses of braided rope are tying, pulling or even climbing. As the name suggests, triple-braid rope is made from three intertwined strands of rope for more strength and less flex.

Events of L.A. Noire

Triple braid rope was used as a weapon by the Black Dahlia Killer in a series of murders, taken from the bell tower in the Chris Crown of Thrones. The killer beat and strangled Deidre Moller and Theresa Taraldsen using rope and later used the same variant of rope to frame others who were close to the victims.

Detectives Cole Phelps and Rusty Galloway investigated the murders. During the Moller case, the rope used to strangle Deidre was found in the trunk of her abandoned car. While interrogating Hugo Moller and Eli Rooney, Moller admitted in a hypothetical scenario that he would strangle with triple braid, while Rooney admitted to having a preference for using triple braid to tie down children he molested. While investigating Theresa's murder, Phelps suspected her husband, Lars Taraldsen, due to the fact that the rope for hitching his boat matched the rope used to strangle Theresa. However, as triple-braid rope is common in marine use and due to the fact that Phelps later found the matching blood stained rope in Stuart Ackerman's lean-to, the latter was arrested and charged.

Case Appearance



  • During "The Golden Butterfly" case, Phelps, Galloway and Malcolm Carruthers examined a sample of triple braid rope. Mal stated that it's commonly used on mooring lines for boats or even as church bell ropes, leading Phelps and Galloway to jokingly suspect that the murderer was either a sailor or minister.