After L.A. Noire's release there will be dlc that comes to place. The first dlc that will release are all of the pre order content. All of the suits, challenges, and cases will be reveiled as dlc a week after the games release. More dlc will be released over time like missions, cases, unassigned quests and more. Rockstar is siad to make a group of cases and give out 5 cases for a price of $15.00. It is worth it. More cases will make more gameplay. 5 cases equall 10 whole hours of gameplay, and the story of Mafia 2 together was only 8 hours. All together with upcoming dlc, the main story, and unassigned cases will bring together about 50 - 60 hours of gameplay. That is more than 2 days of non-stop clue finding, action, and interrogation. Hopefully Rockstar will bring out 10 more cases of dlc at leaset to make 33 main cases alot of fun. Everyone is anticipating the release of L.A. Noire in May. I reccomened you pre order now to get 1/2 of the upcoming dlc for free, it is no extra charge. It is better than paying extra money to get both. If your looking for the best place to pre order L.A., go to Gamestop. Gamestop will provide you a 20 Badge challenge, where there are 20 missing police badges around the city, sort of like the wanted posters in Mafia 2. Gamestop will also provide you a 3 hour long case (The Naked City) which is about a death of a beautiful model. The Naked city case is based off of a real movie. Gamestop also provides an extra suit that gives you extra ammo and health.

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