On March 1st 2011, gaming press tried out L.A. Noire for the first time. Team Bondi released a private Homicide Demo for the top game media. All of the press including Game Informer, Gamespot, G4, GamesRader, and NowGamer took part in the first look.

Game Informer said that if you are having trouble finding a clue, your partner will point things out for you. They also said that it is important to scour for clues, any missing clues can result in limited interrogation sequences.

G4 said that they were very happy with the shape-ups on the games preformance and graphic showing from when it was first teased. How could May 17th be so far away.

Gamespot siad it's not a matter of learning tells, or gameplay being shoehorned in; it's the matter of looking at someones face and telling if there lying.

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