Grand Theft Auto V has been announced, and now Rockstar's taking over dear Remedy's Max Payne series, and perhaps another Red Dead will break through. However, GTA 5 will reportedly feature the facial recognition feature for God knows what purpose. Also, even though L.A. Noire is the only video game in history to be recognized, let alone earn something of an ovation at the TriBeCa Film Festival (something no other Rockstar game has done), it still angered GTA fans due to their inability to blow up people with rocket launchers and enter cheat codes, causing GTA 5 to become even more popular. However, with Team Bondi gone, the only thing we can hope for whole-heartedly is the new Grand Theft turns out to be as big a letdown as Modern Warfare 3 and that more expansions for the original will appear (I wonder if they'll ever get down to the Burglary desk). As for the sequel, all we can do is hope for an even better gaming experience and a new protagonist worthy of taking Cole's spot.

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