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    The Big Snooze

    May 31, 2011 by JackFrost23

    (Ahoy mateys! Thar be spoilers ahead!)

    If you're looking for someone to verbally fellate the game, you can find plenty of that elsewhere...

    I am not a Rockstar (R*) devotee, so I do not have a sycophantic streak for their games. I never liked GTA and that alone almost kept me from playing Red Dead Redemption (RDR) (that, and the fact that I generally don't care for westerns). To my delight, RDR turned out to be among the best games I've ever played, with nearly every element impressing the hell out of me. So, based on the strength of RDR, I was intrigued by L.A. Noire - going against the fact that I've always hated crime noir. I figured that if R* could get me to like a western, maybe they'd get me to like noir, too.

    I figured wrong.

    Where theā€¦

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