A'ight, so since I got this game a couple of days ago, I been diggin' it like you wouldn't believe. I'm really impressed with the work that went in to this thing, and know it will definitely hold a place among my top ten.

However, as with everything in life this game is not 100% perfect. Any glitches or technical things aside (none of which I have experienced yet) I'd like to know from the community here what you all think could have been/still could be added to this game to make it even better than it already is. Ideas are endless folks, so lets get it rollin' and try to come up with some possible suggestions for storyline/gameplay improvements or additions that you personally think would make the game that much more appealing to you.

I know for me, the main thing I would have liked to see is a bit more in terms of the "Streets of L.A" deal. I wish they had added more in the way of activities, so that we'd have something to keep us busy once we blew through all the street crimes. One idea might be to simply generate random criminal scenarios around town that you could intervene in. They could have put a few unscripted events such as carjackers popping up every now and then on the street, a mugging taking place in an alleyway, or a street race zooming by with a few squad cars in pursuit. If you happened to see one of these things going on then you could chose to intervene, with different responses from the criminal. The city just felt a bit dull when outside of street crimes, and I think they could have really spruced things up with some random background events to make LA seem more like a living, breathing city. Another idea would be to have a special parking spot in front of the police stations, to store a favorite vehicle of yours for use whenever you wanted. As far as I know, nothing like this currently exists in the game, and it does get a bit tiring every now and again to have to drive all over town looking for your favorite automobile just because you had to begin a new case and got stuck with a squad car. If you happened to find a vehicle you liked, you could park it in a designated zone by the cop shop, and when returning at a later stage the car/truck would be fitted with a police scanner, so that you could recieve all those calls regarding cases and street crimes.

Those are just a few of my suggestions. What do you peeps think?

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