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  • Messi1983

    I read this somewhere and just laughed.

    • When you arrived at the scene of the crime, make sure to touch every single piece of evidence with your bare hands.
    • If a person blinks, they're lying.
    • When running through crossfire, always make sure to casually adjust your hat.
    • Threaten to send everyone to the gas chamber.
    • If a person's face twitches, he's telling the truth.
    • When apprehending a suspect, make sure to announce your presence when you are a good 30 feet away from him, thus giving him ample time to run away from you.
    • When interrogating a suspect, make sure to yell at them for no particular reason at all.
    • Running people over with your car is okay, but only if you have the siren on.
    • Treat your partner like your personal chauffeur.
    • If he lives in apa‚Ķ
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  • Messi1983

    List them in comments section.

    I have no doubt that a sequel to LA Noire will be coming out.

    So what era would you want it to be set in?


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  • Messi1983

    Desks in game

    April 26, 2011 by Messi1983

    Okay guys not long until the game is out, I saw a question on a game forum, so I might aswell ask it here.

    What desk are you guys looking forward to most in game?

    Arson for me.

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