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New L.A. Noire Q&A - Downloadable Cases and More

Team Bondi's period crime thriller L.A. Noire has been one of the most talked-about games since its release last month, and with a slate of downloadable cases on the horizon, it doesn't look like that chatter will be dying down anytime soon. The latest DLC is out today, and Gamestop had a chance to talk to game director Brendan McNamara to see how he has dealt with the reaction to his game and how these new cases will fit into the overall structure of the game. Amognst other things Brendan reports that the 2 dropped desks, Burglary and Banco, never left the early Dev Stages and that the creative team had a chance to gather more than 1800 crimes to base cases on!

You can catch the entire Q&A at the following link:


Sorry to use this post as a way to plug my personal opinions but after that R* employees are hell bent on claiming that "The DLC announced here is the only content planned for L.A. Noire:".

Dissapointed with such an anwser I decided to post an open "letter" in their Newswire, however I doubt that they will ever recieve the comment so I'll have to eamil them. I will try to get a conclusive anwser and if I do I'll get back to you.

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