Howdy Detectives and investigators!

The last poll was pretty "dark", even I can feel the pressure, this week, take it easy; this time, short and sweet.

But hey! Never hurt to view the result of the last poll.

The Arson cases, the DLC case "Nicholson Electroplating" and the final climax "A Different Kind of War" won the first place.

The Traffic street crime, "Gangfight" won the first place.

Now the new one

If you live in "In-game" L.A., which district/neighborhood would you like?

The poll was created at 16:42 on July 8, 2012, and so far 19 people voted.

Note: You may never heard of some of the areas, check this wiki for more info.

There you have it, if you have some idea for polls, let me know.

Have a nice week and summer vacation!

This poll ends on July 15th, see L.A. Noire Poll, 15 for more.