Hallo again everyone! How is everyone doing?

Some of you may notice the poll has been delayed, well, I had a busy week working on images taken from Kenting Observatory, sorry for the delays.

Now lets see the result from our first real poll, it was quite interesting. We have equal votes for interview and gunfight (6 votes), the chase won the third place, with 3 votes, and CSI has 2 votes.

Finally, to the fresh business, the new poll.

Captains and Lieutanents have played an important role in L.A. Noire, in-game they give Cole a variety of cases to solve. They can be nice but also cruel to the detectives who take their orders, each desk commander are unique, so...

Who is your favorite Desk Commander?

The poll was created at 02:41 on February 27, 2012, and so far 46 people voted.

Please note that Capt. Lazarus Cafarelli is the Captain of Vice department, but since he is an unseen character so far and does not have any interaction with Cole, so his place will be replaced by Lt. Colmyer.

Although Lt. Hopkins does not appear in Patrol cases, but he will interact with Cole when he is a Arson detective. So you can count him in.

Note: This poll has ended on March 4th, see L.A. Noire Poll, 3 for more.