Good to see you again.

First, let's review the last poll, looks like most users like Stefan Bekowsky more than other partners (10 votes), the second spot goes to Rusty Galloway (2 votes). However, most users vote Roy Earle as their least favorite partner (8 votes), with Ralph Dunn at the second (3 votes).

Before the poll, I have to apologize that this poll will last for two weeks again, not running out of ideas, but running out of time for my math.

Finally, if you just here to vote, skip those things above and start here.

Vehicle, this symbol of freedom and vitality plays an important role in L.A. Noire. Without it, you will be weary even just locating the crime scenes, let alone chasing a suspect vehicle. Okay, I know there are almost 100 different vehicles in the L.A. Noire, I am not going to show every single of them for you to pick, instead I will put them into several categories, if you don't know what category is your vehicle "belong to", check "Vehicles" page for more info.

Before you ask, yes, we are looking for the "driveable" vehicles only, please don't tell me that your favorite one is the bus, even if you like that.

What type of vehicle is your favorite?

The poll was created at 13:57 on April 22, 2012, and so far 41 people voted.

If you know the particular brand, why don't you let us know your favorite by leaving a comment below? Thanks for the vote and... hope you have nice 2 weeks.

Note: This poll ends on May 6th, for more poll, see L.A. Noire Poll, 8.