Hello everyone and welcome back.

For the result of the last poll, Rusty Galloway is the winner if the first poll, for the Homicide case, the "Quarter Moon Murders" won the first place, the "Bus Stop Shooting" is the winner of the third poll.

Now, to the fresh business, the 9th poll.

I cannot think any game like L.A. Noire or the FPS game that has no antagonist. Beside the protagonists, antagonists are the central characters in the L.A. Noire, because if there are no "bad guys", you won't know who the "good guys" are. If the game lacks this type of figures, you may lack the interest of playing it.

However, in general, antagonists in L.A. Noire are real assholes, they may be gangsters, corrupted officials, or even your former partner. They are the ones that many players want to get into the screen and kick their asses. Sorry for the strong words, but it is quite true.

Now, take it easy, we want no fight here, instead, you can vote the one that annoyed you the most here, the antagonist you hate the most.

Warning: This poll contains a lot of spoilers, use caution and vote at your own risk!!!

Which antagonist you dislike the most?

The poll was created at 16:22 on May 13, 2012, and so far 35 people voted.


  • SRF stands for Suburban Redevelopment Fund.
  • The names of this poll are from "Category: Antagonists" of this wiki.
  • Okay, I know there are much more, I just listed some of them. If your choice cannot be found form the poll above, discuss it at the comment section.
  • Thank you for the vote and have a nice week.
  • This poll ends on May 20th, see L.A. Noire Poll, 10 for more.