In the game while you play the Homocide desk, you have a lot of cases about a guy who kills women. This is actually based on a true story. The other officers and the Forensic examiner, Corothers, thinks that the black dahlia is back. The story begins with a naked girl found then another, and another. It gets to the point where everyone is stressed out and wants to find this guy. The murders are usually people that are drunk or caught by surprise. I belive that there where only two case where the bodys had some dignity and kept their clothes on. Anyway, back to the real story. Elizabeth Short died on January 15, 1947. They found her body in a trash strewn near a Los Angeles suberb. She was found by a man who was traveling with body severd in two with the initials B.D (Black Dahlia) carved deeply in her thigh. She used to call herself Black Dahlia. After the Dahlia killed Elizabeth, he started taunting the police with letters, sending them her birth certificate, address book, and Social Security card. Fingerprints on the letters provided no results. There have been a lot of suspects since the murder of her, but none of them were ever convicted. Evidence showed that Elizabeth may have been killed by a 1930's killer from Cleveland. He was a butcher from Kingsbury. He killed at least a dozen people, chopping them into tiny peices and desposing of their heads many of which were never found. Other accepted prime suspects were Dr. Walter Bayley who knew Elizabeth's older sister Virginia Short. He had a brain disorder which symptoms include homocidal ideation. for more go to These are the facts of the case.A naked Elizabeth Short who's killer was never found, and the case remains open to this day.

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