"Not many people will be sad she's gone. I'll be one of the few."

Walter Robbins is a character in L.A. Noire. He is a person of interest in The Studio Secretary Murder case.



Robbins ran Levine's Liquor Store and was good friends with Evelyn Summers and her husband. After Evelyn lost her job at Keystone Films, she found herself out of money and homeless, prompting Robbins to offer her a place to stay at the liquor store. Evelyn made a small makeshift bedroom in the storage room, while Robbins provided her some food and money. Although Robbins knew that Evelyn was an alcoholic and that letting her live in a liquor store was a bad idea, he allowed her to stay realizing she had very few friends, and took pity on her.

Events of L.A. Noire

After Evelyn's murder at the hands of the Black Dahlia killer, Detectives Cole Phelps and Rusty Galloway arrived at Robbins' liquor store for inquiries. Robbins provided Phelps with background information on Evelyn during questioning. Robbins later got in touch with Augusta Summers, Evelyn's mother, to help arrange Evelyn's funeral.

Robbins later makes a cameo in Homicide street crime Killer Bandits, where his store is robbed. Phelps and Galloway killed the robbers in a confrontation.


  • [Leaving interview early.] "That's all? I can be more use to you than that?"
  • [Inactivity.] "No offense, but having cops in the store scares away customers."
  • [Inactivity.] "Gentlemen, I have a store to run."

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