"You assholes have already screwed me once!"
―Wendell Bowers

Wendell Bowers is a Character in L.A. Noire and a suspect in the "Warrants Outstanding" case.



Wendell was once arrested by Officer Ralph Dunn for an unknown crime. Though he spent an unknown amount of time in prison and was paroled, he violated his parole and apparently resumed breaking the law.

Events of L.A. Noire

Wendell was seen walking the streets of L.A. at night, by Officers Dunn and Cole Phelps during their patrol. Realizing that Bowers had jumped parole, Dunn turned on the siren. Determined to avoid going back to prison, Bowers fled to the rooftops and was chased by Phelps. Bowers brawled with Phelps but was subdued. Bowers was then arrested and imprisoned for violating his parole.

Alternately, if he fell or was thrown from the roof, he landed on the sidewalk and died from the hard impact. The coroner then arrived to take his body away. Though Phelps was somewhat disturbed over Bowers' death, Dunn was still happy to have Bowers off the streets.

Case Appearances



  • He is the first suspect in the game who the player has the option to apprehend or kill.
    • Bowers can be killed by grabbing him and throwing him off the side of the roof, where a cutscene will play of him falling, ending with his corpse being put in an ambulance.