"This guy tried to help me and got a bullet for his trouble."
Barton Keyes

"Would Be Robber" is a Homicide street crime case in L.A. Noire.


Dispatch calls in about a recent armed robbery. Two men, armed with revolvers, robbed a fruit stand owned and operated by Barton Keyes. However, a man intervened and was unfortunately shot in the stomach. Cole Phelps and Rusty Galloway arrive on the scene to find Keyes comforting the wounded man. Keyes informs the detectives of the direction the thieves took and focuses his attention back on the wounded man.

Dispatch Call Script

Dispatch: KGPL to any Central unit, a citizen reports a man with a gun. On Grand between Fourth and Fifth. Any central unit, identify.

Cole Phelps: This is car 11K, go ahead.

Dispatch: 11K, citizen reports a man with a gun on Grand between Fourth and Fifth Streets. Suspect described as Hispanic, five foot six, a hundred and forty pounds. Approach with caution. Code Two.


After talking to Keyes, the two criminals quickly drive by in their get-a-way vehicle. Phelps is quick to pursue, and chases them. Galloway will try to shoot them out of the car but it doesn't seem to slow them. The thieves will take the first turn right then a left to an alleyway when a patrol car appears. Then they drive past Scott's Garage where a police intercepts.

Fortunately, the thieves crash outside of an auto shop and are forced to abandon their car. One scampers up a ladder and onto the roof while the other takes a nearby by-stander hostage. Phelps must then quickly shoot the man with the hostage (if the hostage is killed the mission fails), then climb the ladder to the roof. Once on the roof, Phelps will see the second man, who has taken cover behind a vent. Once he disengages from cover, Phelps must shoot and kill him.


  • Sometimes the second mugger may not engage you on sight. That means you can just walk up to him and aim your gun while he just ducks there, unarmed. Shooting him will solve the bug as he will engage.
  • If you're using any kind of hack/mod that uncapps the 30fps limit, it is advised to turn if off during this side mission. The increased frame rate causes the suspect's car to move slightly faster, killing him and the hostage when they crash into the garage.

Video Walkthrough

Would Be Robber - Street Crime - L.A

Would Be Robber - Street Crime - L.A. Noire