"Zoot Suit Riot" is a Vice street crime case in L.A. Noire.


The case involves a group of security guards and shady gentlemen in zoot suits loading merchandise into a truck outside The Valor Tobacco Company.

Dispatch Call Script

Dispatch: Any central unit, citizen reports a 459 there now, 539 South Los Angeles Street. Unit to handle Code Three, identify.

Cole Phelps: 11K. Go ahead.

Dispatch: 11 King roger, 459 there now at 539 South Los Angeles Street at the Valor Tobacco Company. 11K, Code Three.


Upon questioning the suspects, Cole Phelps and Roy Earle are fired upon, and must take down the suspects inside the building. Keep your eye on the mini-map, the area is very dark. Also, don't be hasty, keep it slow that you are less likely to get ambushed.


  • The name is based on the Zoot Suit Riots, a series of riots which took place in 1943 in Los Angeles.
  • It is said Det. Stefan Bekowsky was in the LAPD during the Zoot Suit Riot and was involved in trying to stop the chaos in it.

Video Walkthrough

Zoot Suit Riot - Street Crime - L.A

Zoot Suit Riot - Street Crime - L.A. Noire